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Information on Caffeine:

Depending on the grind and how prepared, a typical 8 ounce cup of coffee contains anywhere from 140 to 180 mg of caffeine. Brewed black tea has 30-70mg,green has 20-35, and white has 10-15 mg of caffeine. Mate can be as high as 190 mg of caffeine per 8 ounce cup. As always, rooibos, herb and fruit teas are caffeine free!

Relax & enjoy the tea experience

How to make a perfect pot of tea:

Bring freshly drawn water to a boil. Pre-heat teapot with hot water. Drain. Measure tea into infuser or directly into teapot. Adjust amount to taste. Experiment a little! Pour desired amount of hot* water over the tea (see note) Steep. Remove tea leaves, if desired. Herb, fruit and rooibos teas do not become bitter if left in the pot. Infuse again! Many teas can be infused 2 or 3 times, so repeat the above steps , increasing the steeping time with each infusion, to get the most out of your tea. Serve with milk, sugar, honey, lemon, or straight up!

*Note: Ideal steeping temperature for each tea varies. The more oxidized the tea (e.g. black) the hotter the water should be. Less oxidized teas (white, green, oolong) should be steeped in water cooler than boiling:

❤ white: 1-2 tsp/cup; (185 F or 85 C). When water boils, turn off heat and let water cool 30-60 seconds. Steep for 1-7 minutes. Remove leaves.

❤ green: 1 tsp/cup; (170-180F or 76-80C). When water boils, turn off heat; let water cool 1 minute. Steep 2-7 min. Remove leaves. Water too hot makes green tea bitter.

❤ oolong: 1 tsp/cup; (185-210 F or 85-98 C). Just under boiling. Best enjoyed when leaves are briefly infused, 1 - 3 min.

❤ black: 1 tsp/cup; boiling water Steep 3-7 minutes. Remove leaves. -most common mistake is to steep black tea with water that is not hot enough.

❤ herb & fruit: 1.5-2 tsp/cup; boiling water. Steep 3-7 min.

❤ rooibos (green or red): 1 tsp/cup; rolling boil (212 F or 100 C). Steep 3-7 minutes.

❤ chai: 1.5-2 tsp/cup; boiling water (212 F or 100 C). Steep 5-10 min. Typically served with plenty of milk and sugar or honey.

Be kind to the earth. Compost your old tea leaves!

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